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San Diegan Bryndan Bedel began honing her photographic skills at the side of her father, a well respected photographer, when she was six. After joining Dame Jane Goodall’s international Roots & Shoots program, which promotes environmental improvement and quality of life for animals and people, Bryndan was inspired to protect and improve the environment through the medium of photojournalism. On a journey to Tanzania, she documented the poaching crisis and helped conduct workshops for Tanzanian game wardens and graduate students on DNA identification techniques with direct application to the African bushmeat crisis. Bryndan constantly strives to capture the uniqueness of culture through her camera lens. Her studies at UC San Diego on International Relations became a linchpin for her interests in world cultures and inspired a journey to Japan to capture the uniqueness of country, culture, and people. Bryndan is a staunch advocate for San Diego wildlife and continually documents the impact of change on native species. Her photographic interests also extend to event and concert photography.